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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pictures from Hawaii!

I am in paradise! I was going to say heaven but the Austalian bell hop (do they still call them that?) corrected us yesterday when we said we were in heaven. Nothing goes wrong in heaven so this is paradise! I wish I would remember that these pictures upload backwards.

This is the view from our lanai (balcony). We arrived just before sunset. I have decided I don't want to go home! It surely would not be hard to take looking at this sunset! We have two rooms. Kevin and Sam are sharing one and Lynn and I the other. Aunt Joyce and Uncle Dick, along with Jim and Debbie Litwas met us at the airport with fresh leis. Jim took Lynn and I to pick up the rental car while the others waited for our luggage.

Then is was off to the hotel where our drive greeted us with a rainbow and jumping whales (even a momma with her baby) and beautiful scenery. At the hotel we were greeted and Kevin and I rode to our rooms in a golf cart. After we watched the sunset our greeters treated us to dinner the Aloha Mixed Plate.

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  1. Oh WOW!!! Stunning photos....and wishing I was there! Enjoy your vacation!