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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A look at my hometown...

When we moved here 23 years ago, the population was about 2,500. At the time of the 2000 cenus we had grown to 6,500. Today I would estimate that number to be between 9,000-10,000. Gone are all the little farms replaced by housing developments. While the township has grown by leaps and bounds in the number of residents, it's still considered a small town. Ninety one percent residential, 3% farming, 3% business, and 3% industry make up the 5.4 square miles of my little town.

This is the orginal building that housed the police station and township garage when we moved here. Today it houses the local ambulance service.

A few years later with a volunteer residential crew this next builing was built with a meeting room and offices for the secretary and sewer authority in the back.

Over the last couple of years the township has expanded enough to warrant building a new maintainance garage, more offices, and more offices! Our police department which has been located in a trailer for, probably, the last ten years will now even have a holding cell. Our once sleepy little town is no longer a sleepy little town but a suburban town with all the problems that develpment causes.

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  1. I'm longing to move far, far a nice open space like Montana. :)