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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Capturing Motion...

it's easier said then done sometimes. Panning is something I had a hard time with in the Understanding Exposure study. It takes a lot of practice or just really good timing! The idea is to have the subject, in this case-Michael in focus while the back ground is blurred out.

Next I tried to have the machine in focus and show motion by blurring the grass coming out of the shoot.

For the last one I zoomed in really tight (while hiding behind a tree so I didn't get hit with rock or some other item flying out of the mower-been there-done that-not fun!) and tried to get a close-up of the grass coming out. I think it looks kinda cool. But, that's just my opinion!


  1. These are really cool shots. I haven't accomplished "catching motion" yet. (And I must admit - I haven't tried to learn, either).

  2. Cathy, I love the last one, they are all great though. It's fun to see your work on project 365.