The adventure of life is to learn. The goal of life is to grow. The nature of life is to change. The challenge of life is to overcome. The essence of life is to care. The secret of life is to dare. The beauty of life is to give. The joy of life is to love! ~William Ward

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Admittedly not my best effort..

Today this seemed too much like work. At first I thought it was fun, but then when things did not turn out like I thought they should I got easily frustrated. The icicles on the side of the hottub are pretty much all that's left of the almost 2 feet of snow we got last night and today.

The last self portrait is just that. A lack of of a tripod is really beginning to get to me. I am limited by what I am willing to use to support my camera and lens; limited by height and placement. For this shot I used the little table between the rockers on my front porch. I wish I was waving good bye in this shot. That would have showed what I was really feeling!

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